Codex of Fortune Slot

 Codex of Fortune Slot

Embark on a visual masterpiece with Codex of Fortune by NetEnt. Inspired by French Art Nouveau, this 5x4 slot boasts luxurious aesthetics and intricate gameplay. Play Codex of Fortune in Australian casinos for an immersive journey where each spin is a brushstroke on a canvas of grandeur.
Participation in Codex of Fortune implies acceptance of terms. Players must be of legal gambling age. The game's RTP ranges from 90.2% to 98%, influenced by strategic choices. High volatility may lead to sporadic wins. Bonus features subject to specific activation conditions. Prizes are contingent on successful gameplay. NetEnt's standard terms and conditions apply.
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  • Immersive Wild West Theme: Captivating setting.
  • Dynamic Wild Symbols: Exciting gameplay surprises.
  • Interactive Pick and Click Feature: Player engagement.
  • Retriggerable Free Spins: Extended excitement.
  • Competitive RTP: Generous 96.74% returns.
  • Complex Bonus Features: May confuse some.
  • Medium Volatility: Not for everyone.
  • High Bet Maximum: Limits budget players.

Welcome to the immersive world of Codex of Fortune, a visually stunning slot game developed by NetEnt. In this guide, we’ll explore the key aspects of this game, from its captivating theme and graphics to the intricate gameplay mechanics and bonus features. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the slot scene, this comprehensive guide is tailored for those looking to play Codex of Fortune in Australian casinos.

Game Overview Codex of Fortune Slot
Devices 📱:Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Return to Player (RTP) ❤️️:96%
Min./Max. Bet 💵:$0.10 – $100
Reels & Rows:5×4
Release Year:2021

Luxurious Artistry:

NetEnt’s Codex of Fortune is a visual masterpiece that draws inspiration from the opulent French Art Nouveau style. The game’s design, color palette, and intricate patterns echo the artistic spirit of the late nineteenth century. As you embark on this slot adventure, you’ll be enveloped in a world of sumptuous aesthetics, with gold-plated reels and symbols representing the pinnacle of Art Nouveau beauty.

Visual Design:

The 5×4 reel grid is adorned with finely crafted gold symbols, creating a refined and majestic atmosphere. The Fortune Wins meter, a golden cylinder to the left of the reels, adds an extra layer of visual appeal, displaying various values and levels for players to reach as they collect symbols.

Symbolic Elegance:

Each symbol in Codex of Fortune is a work of art, meticulously created with gold-plated delicacy. From basic card symbols to higher-paying symbols like the blue shell and red lion, every detail contributes to the immersive experience. The Wild Symbol, a golden lady with butterfly wings, adds a touch of mystery and enhances the game’s aesthetic appeal.

Bonus Features:

Codex of Fortune goes beyond visual extravagance, offering a compelling gaming experience with a variety of bonus features.

Increase in Fortune Wins:

The Fortune Wins feature, shared by Fortune Re-Spins and Free Spins, involves a gold-colored cylinder with seven levels. As players progress through these levels, the multiplier grows, providing more opportunities to win.

Wild Symbol:

The butterfly wild symbol not only helps form winning combinations but also enhances the overall visual appeal of the game.

Fortune Re-Spins:

Triggered by landing two scatter symbols, this feature removes non-winning symbols and allows players to collect symbols, blank spaces, and keys. The Re-Spin continues as long as collectible symbols land, offering up to 20 symbols in a single spin.

Save the Keys Feature:

After Fortune Re-Spins, players face a choice in the Save the Keys feature. They can use gathered keys for an immediate reward or save up to three keys for the Free Spins feature. This strategic decision adds depth to the gameplay.

Free Spins Feature:

Activated by scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Free Spins feature includes a Fortune Wheel that determines the number of free spins and selects a collectible symbol. Players can use stored keys to start at a higher level on the Fortune Wins meter, increasing the chances of significant wins.

Percentage of Payouts and Volatility:

Codex of Fortune entices players with the promise of great riches, backed by a thorough examination of its percentage of payouts (RTP) and volatility.

Percentage of Payouts (RTP):

  • Average RTP: Codex of Fortune boasts an average RTP of 96%, representing the theoretical measure of the percentage of wagered money that players can expect to earn back over the long term.
  • Variable RTP Range: While the average RTP is 96%, the game’s RTP can range between 90.2% and 98%, influenced by player choices and strategic decisions.


  • High Volatility Adventure: Codex of Fortune is characterized by high volatility, offering sporadic but potentially large payouts for a thrilling and risky gambling experience.
  • Patience and Risk Tolerance: The game’s high volatility appeals to players seeking the prospect of significant payouts and possessing a high risk tolerance.
  • Strategies for High Volatility: Efficiently managing bankroll, contemplating extended playing sessions, and being prepared for sporadic but substantial gains are recommended strategies for navigating high volatility.

Play Codex of Fortune in Australian Casinos:

Are you ready to experience the opulence and excitement of Codex of Fortune? Head to your nearest Australian casino, and immerse yourself in a world where each spin is a step towards fortune. The allure of Art Nouveau beauty, strategic gameplay, and the potential for significant wins await you in Codex of Fortune. Don’t miss out on the chance to play this visual masterpiece in the vibrant gaming landscape of Australian casinos.

Codex of Fortune in Australian Casino
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In the world of Codex of Fortune, players are not only treated to a visually appealing slot but also the allure of undiscovered wealth. The combination of a wide RTP range and high volatility ensures a sophisticated and strategic gaming experience. As players spin the reels, each turn becomes a brushstroke on a canvas of grandeur and visual delight. Enter the realm of Codex of Fortune, where fortune favors the brave, and every spin holds the potential for thrilling and substantial winnings.

Codex of Fortune FAQ

How do I activate the Fortune Re-Spins feature?

The Fortune Re-Spins feature is triggered by landing two scatter symbols on the reels during a spin. Before the Re-Spin begins, non-winning symbols disappear, and players can collect symbols, blank spaces, and keys.

What is the Save the Keys feature?

After Fortune Re-Spins, players can choose to use gathered keys for an immediate reward or save up to three keys for the Free Spins feature. This strategic choice introduces a dynamic element to the game.

How can I maximize my winnings in Free Spins?

During Free Spins, players can use stored keys to start at a higher level on the Fortune Wins meter, increasing the likelihood of substantial wins. Special collectible symbols, such as those with +10 or +1 spin, enhance the Free Spins experience.

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