Ancient Gods Slot

Ancient Gods Slot

Embark on a mythical journey in "Ancient Gods" slot by Realtime Gaming. Unleash the power of legendary creatures, trigger free spins, and explore captivating Chinese mythology. Immerse yourself in this visually stunning and rewarding gaming experience. Play Ancient Gods for an unforgettable adventure.

By engaging in the Ancient Gods online slot, players agree to adhere to the terms and conditions set forth. The game is intended for entertainment purposes only. Players must comply with responsible gaming practices, set personal budgets, and acknowledge that outcomes are determined by chance. Any misuse or violation of the terms may result in account suspension. The casino reserves the right to modify or terminate the game at its discretion.

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  • Immersive Chinese Mythology Theme: Engaging.
  • Visually Stunning Graphics and Animations: Captivating.
  • Unique Symbol Expansion Feature: Dynamic.
  • Competitive RTP of 96%: Favorable.
  • Balanced Medium Volatility: Exciting gameplay.
  • Limited Innovation in Gameplay: Repetitive.
  • Dependency on Free Spins Feature: Predictable.
  • Lack of Varied Bonus Rounds: Monotonous.

In the vast realm of online slots, one game stands out for its captivating theme, visually appealing graphics, and exciting features — Ancient Gods. Developed by Realtime Gaming (RTG), this slot game takes players on a journey into the heart of ancient Chinese mythology, where powerful deities in the form of mythical creatures await. In this article, we’ll delve into the key aspects of Ancient Gods, from its gameplay mechanics and unique features to its theme, graphics, and the historical inspiration behind it.

Game Overview Ancient Gods Slot
Developer⚡:Real Time Gaming
Devices 📱:Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Return to Player (RTP) ❤️️:96%
Min./Max. Bet 💵:$0.10 – $100
Reels & Rows:5×3
Release Year:2018

Game Overview

Ancient Gods Slot: Unraveling the Mysteries

Ancient Gods, released by RTG in 2018, offers a visually captivating online slot experience set in the world of ancient Chinese mythology. The game features symbols representing eastern animal deities, including dragons, a phoenix, a tiger, and a tortoise. The thematic elements, coupled with engaging graphics and sound design, aim to provide players with an immersive and thrilling gaming experience.

Gameplay Mechanics

Reels and Rows

Ancient Gods adopts a classic layout with 5 reels and 3 rows, providing a familiar structure for slot enthusiasts. This layout sets the stage for an engaging and straightforward gameplay experience.


With up to 25 adjustable paylines, players have the flexibility to customize their bets and risk levels. The adjustable paylines allow for a tailored gaming experience, accommodating both conservative and more aggressive wagers.

Betting Range

Players can set their bets within a wide range of options, starting from a minimum bet of 0.01 $ per spin and going up to a maximum of 6.25 $. This diverse betting range caters to players with different risk preferences, adding to the game’s accessibility.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The game introduces a wild symbol in the form of a yellow dragon. This symbol not only substitutes for other symbols on the reels to create winning combinations but also has the power to transform entire reels into wild symbols, enhancing the chances of forming win lines.

The scatter symbol, represented by a gold and jade medallion, triggers the free spins bonus feature when three or more land on the reels.

Free Spins Feature

To activate the free spins bonus feature, players need to land three or more scatter symbols. During this feature, two free spins are awarded for each golden medallion or center dragon symbol that appears during the triggering spin. Additional free spins can be obtained if more medallions or center dragons appear during the free spins round. The number of scatters used to trigger the feature also affects the multiplier for wins during free spins.


For added convenience, players can utilize the autoplay function, allowing the game to spin automatically for a designated number of spins or until a specific feature is triggered.


Accessible by clicking on the ‘i’ button in the bottom left corner of the screen, the paytable provides valuable information about winning combinations, symbol values, and how to access bonus features.

Winning Combinations

The game offers various winning combinations, with the wild dragon symbol being the most valuable. Specific combinations of symbols on active paylines result in different payout amounts.

Responsible Gaming

Emphasizing responsible gaming, Ancient Gods encourages players to set strict budgets for each playing session, ensuring an enjoyable experience while maintaining control over spending.

How to Play the Game

Select a Reputable Casino

Ensure you are playing on a trustworthy and licensed online casino that offers the Ancient Gods slot game.

Launch the Game

Find the Ancient Gods slot in the game selection and click to launch.

Set Your Bet

Adjust your bet using the provided options, including bet amount, paylines, and maximum bet for quick setup.

Review the Paytable

Before spinning the reels, familiarize yourself with the paytable to understand symbol values, winning combinations, and bonus features.

Spin the Reels

Click the “Spin” button to set the reels in motion and calculate winnings based on landed symbols.

Autoplay (Optional)

Utilize the autoplay feature for automated spins, stopping at any time or when a bonus feature is triggered.

Wild and Scatter Symbol Awareness

Keep an eye out for the yellow dragon wild symbol and the gold and jade medallion scatter symbol, as they play pivotal roles in bonus features.

Forming Winning Clusters

Symbol Clusters

Ancient Gods introduces a unique mechanic where symbols fall into position on a grid instead of traditional reels and paylines. Clusters of the same symbols adjacent horizontally or vertically result in wins.

Cluster Formation and Win Evaluation

Forming a winning cluster requires a group of adjacent matching symbols. After a spin, the game evaluates the grid for clusters, removing matched symbols and potentially cascading new ones for additional clusters.

Multiple Clusters and Special Features

Creating multiple clusters in a single spin is possible, leading to accumulating wins. Special features like wild symbols, multipliers, and bonus rounds enhance the potential for forming winning clusters and increasing payouts.

Symbol Expansion Feature

Center Dragon’s Power Unleashed

Ancient Gods introduces a thrilling Symbol Expansion feature centered around the powerful yellow dragon. When the center dragon symbol lands on the reels, it triggers the Symbol Expansion feature, transforming the entire reel into wild symbols. This expands the wilds, increasing the chances of creating winning combinations and adding a dynamic element to gameplay.

The Symbol Expansion feature can result in cascades of wins, making gameplay more rewarding and action-packed. The unpredictability of the center dragon’s appearances adds excitement, offering players a chance at significant boosts to their winnings.

Ancient Gods in Australian Casino
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Free Spins Feature

Exhilarating Bonus Round

The Free Spins feature in Ancient Gods adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols, this bonus round rewards players with free spins. Both scatter symbols and the wild symbol contribute to enhancing gameplay during free spins.

During the Free Spins bonus, each scatter or wild symbol awards two free spins, with the potential for additional spins based on the number of symbols present. Multipliers further intensify the excitement, doubling or tripling wins based on the number of triggering symbols.

Wild and scatter symbols landing during free spins transform entire reels into wild reels, increasing the chances of landing winning combinations. With a high hit rate, players can anticipate frequent spins, potentially leading to substantial rewards.

Enjoy Responsibly: A Gentle Reminder

It is crucial to set a budget for playing sessions and adhere to it, ensuring responsible gaming. Players should stop playing when reaching their budget limit or when their gaming session concludes.

Exploring the Theme and Graphics

Journey into Ancient Chinese Mythology

The theme of Ancient Gods immerses players in a mythical realm inspired by ancient Chinese mythology. The game revolves around five powerful deities, each embodied in a mythical creature — the black tortoise-snake, the white tiger, the red phoenix, the blue-green dragon, and the mighty yellow dragon.

Thematic elements include lush mountains and cascading waterfalls, creating a visually stunning backdrop that alludes to the mystical habitats of the deities. The attention to detail in thematic elements contributes to an immersive experience, inviting players to explore the rich mythology of ancient China.

Impressive Graphics

Ancient Gods boasts impressive graphics that elevate the overall gaming experience. Meticulously crafted symbols represent the deities and their creatures, each visually stunning and easily distinguishable. Dragon scales, phoenix feathers, tiger stripes, and tortoise shells, among others, are beautifully rendered, enhancing the visual appeal.

Framed in gold, the reels exude opulence, adding a touch of luxury to the game. Well-executed animations, such as the crawling motion of the wild dragon symbol, contribute to the excitement and dynamism of every spin.

The combination of stunning artwork, thematic elements, and well-executed animations makes Ancient Gods a visually captivating and engaging slot game. Players who appreciate exceptional design and a rich thematic backdrop will find this slot both visually appealing and intriguing.

Percentage of Payouts and Volatility

Competitive Payout Percentage

Ancient Gods offers a competitive long-term average RTP (Return to Player) of 96%, aligning with industry standards for this type of slot game. This means that, on average, players can expect to receive 96% of their total bets back as winnings over the long run.

Balanced Volatility

With medium volatility, Ancient Gods provides a balanced gameplay experience. While significant wins may require patience, medium volatility slots offer a mix of frequent smaller wins and occasional larger payouts. This balance caters to various player preferences and betting strategies.

In summary, Ancient Gods presents a solid RTP of 96% and medium volatility, ensuring a balanced and exciting gaming experience. This combination makes the game suitable for a wide range of players, offering both frequent payouts and the potential for more substantial rewards.

Historical Inspiration

Chinese Mythology and History

Ancient Gods draws inspiration from Chinese mythology and history, infusing the game with a rich cultural and historical context. The theme features powerful deities resembling mythical creatures deeply rooted in Chinese folklore, such as dragons and phoenixes. This incorporation of historical elements adds depth and authenticity to the gaming experience.

The visual and thematic aspects of Ancient Gods pay homage to the legacy of ancient China, making it a compelling choice for players interested in historical and mythological contexts.


An Enthralling Journey through Ancient China

In conclusion, the Ancient Gods online slot by Realtime Gaming offers an engaging gaming experience with its captivating theme, visually appealing graphics, and an array of exciting features. The integration of Chinese mythology and history, along with the representation of powerful deities, adds depth to its theme.

With a competitive RTP of 96% and medium volatility, Ancient Gods strikes a balance between regular, smaller wins and the potential for more significant payouts. The Symbol Expansion feature, triggered by the mighty center dragon, introduces unpredictability and excitement to gameplay. Meanwhile, the Free Spins feature, complete with multipliers, offers ample opportunities for substantial rewards.

For players seeking a slot game that combines historical inspiration with mythological elements, Ancient Gods provides an enticing journey into ancient Chinese culture and folklore. Its beautiful graphics and immersive design enhance the overall gaming experience, making it a worthy choice for those seeking both visual appeal and engaging gameplay.

Ancient Gods FAQ

Can I play Ancient Gods for free before betting real money?

Yes, players can explore Ancient Gods in demo mode for free, allowing them to experience the game’s features without wagering real money.

What is the RTP (Return to Player) of Ancient Gods?

Ancient Gods boasts an average RTP of 96%, aligning with industry standards for this type of slot game.

Is Ancient Gods a high volatility or low volatility slot?

Ancient Gods falls into the category of medium volatility, striking a balance between frequent smaller wins and occasional larger payouts.

What is the main feature of Ancient Gods that can boost my winnings?

The Free Spins feature, triggered by landing three or more scatter symbols, stands out as the main feature that can significantly boost winnings. Multipliers during this feature enhance the excitement and potential rewards.

How can I activate the Symbol Expansion feature in Ancient Gods?

The Symbol Expansion feature is activated by the center dragon, the game’s wild symbol. When the center dragon lands on the reels, it transforms the entire reel into wild symbols, expanding opportunities for winning combinations.

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